Energy and Principles
  • Portfolio Management

  • You’ll know that we understand you and your goals completely before any changes to your financial plan or investment policy are considered. Our depth of experience and understanding of the capital markets enable us to align your objectives with the right plan of action. We offer a simple yet scientific approach to investing - and a relationship based on service, transparency and trust.

  • 401(k) and 403(b) Consulting

  • New regulations and volatile markets are causing uncertainty and concern from both retirement plan sponsors and participants. The need to attract and retain quality employees remains critical. We can ease your mind, improve your plan’s efficiency, and empower your participants to achieve their long term retirement goals.

  • Consulting for Nonprofits

  • The need cannot be overstated for an informed, independent entity to support executives and Trustees with their responsibility to oversee the management of an organization’s investment portfolio. We have the experience, expertise, and the tools to perform this function effectively and efficiently. You’ll be reassured that a truly independent entity is making sure your investments are being managed properly.



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  • Inform your organization's investing policy and measure success with critical peer-to-peer data on best practices and performance.

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